Past Events at The Round Chapel Centre for the Performing Arts

The magnificent chapel has been used for a huge variety of events, ranging from rock concerts to Tai Chi classes to book fairs to wedding receptions. It has been used as a location for artists such as The Maccabees Went Away, Michael Kiwanuka Tell Me a Tale, The Avalanches Since I Left You, Coldplay Live at the Round Chapel, Oasis, Brian McFadden and Estelle, and for television productions such as Question Time, The Lost World, Songs of Praise and The Dancer’s Body. Theatre companies including The Kosh and The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor have utilized the vast interior for promenade productions, as have The Adventurists for a wonderful gin based Tea Party. Every summer it is host to the Hackney Schools Music Festival in which over four thousand children take part over the course of two weeks, and every December we hold the fabulous Pigs Ear Beer Festival. It is a non denominational space and welcomes people from all sectors of the community. Here are a selection of recent events.

Hackney Schools Music Festival
Pigs Ear Beer Festival


Art Exhibition

Sikh Engagement Party

Hidden Art of Hackney Exhibition